Monday, January 25, 2010


I was thinking about people who are considered intelligent and smart, end up in situations you would not expect from them. this led me to following:

"Intelligence is not about knowing what to do but about knowing when to stop"

think about it...

Friday, January 22, 2010

changing jobs at SAP

Wrote the following to inform my colleagues...

The advent of change clouded my thought a little and I ended up writing down these lines to express them.


Positions are temporary, Knowledge is timeless.

In my pursuit of learning, it was time to look ahead.

My journey at SAP continues,

leaving the shores of Technologie.

Challenges of On-demand beckon me,

architecting services on cloud to be.

Joy of working with all of you remains,

Shared experiences and the contact stays.

In corridors of SAP, we will meet again,

work together or sit down at Café.

Best of luck for all your endeavors,

See you again in engaging careers.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

thought today morning....

Arbrieten, work or Kaam,
essay the seriousness it demands.
One may say they are just words,
but they give one a sense of purpose.
Is too much that I desire,
to be happy and higher.
Say the wise saint to me once,
live it each day like no one else.
Get a sense of purpose yet enjoy,
remember its act of labor that you aspire.
Labor for one's mind and for one's soul,
Keeps one away from rot and coal.
Oh thy Saint! what you said is true,
one sees the folly when in blue.
lets start living and breathing a like,
way to fulfill one's destiny then die.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After a while

The not visited life, gets looked at again,
Thoughts start flowing, making me tingle,
A new life begins, write, write and write.

I hope to write more this year. Tonight i am in a poetic mood writing in a rhyme. lets see what tomorrow brings. Stories are waiting to be shared, but for now i read Midnight's Children from Salman Rushdie.

I end with thoughts from tonight...
To one who is an Angel, flying on her own,
Causing a flutter in my life.
Heart desires to make it's own,
Mind is too rational to understand at-all.
Holding and tying are rituals of life,
Make me forgot that angel's fly.
Desire a one, is to get a caged bird,
Let her go, soar n reach for heaven.
Oh Angel! create new stars and brighten others,
but when my time comes, grant me the feathers.
I will preserve them as one of my own,
for you are the true owner of your own soul.
No one can change that, not even me,
but let me share moments in life with thee.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


there are a lot of times i always miss and seek what i have lost. i also wrote philosophically, about not knowing what one's lost till one find's it again. Ok, my good friend at office will say re-activate, one never actually losses thoughts or way of life.

but today i feel strongly as well about feeling good about what you have, being grateful and appreciating life is really not that bad after all. sometimes, you have to lose something to realize you actually had it in the first place.

So that squares of the logic in this whole argument. One side one does not appreciate what one has until it is not there anymore, while on the other side you end up finding something you lost which you never appreciated when you had it.

sounds convulated and confusing...but does that mean you can never really have it all anytime. no just that feel things in your heart and then let them pass through. Holding on to emotions, can cloud everything.

stories about people's life can make one reflect on one's own. thats the reason i want to write a book, make people think and reflect and may be in the process become happy about life!

its not about who you are and....ok this is going a little too far. am i watching too many hollywood mushy i sound like one §!$ :-)

did u know blogger had a way for me to write in hindi! SO COOL!!!!!

it works like this: i type "aap" and blogger will make it "आप" WAY TOO COOL!
मैं नही जनता पर मैं अपने परिवार से बहुत बहुत प्यार करता हूँ। मैं उन्हें बहुत याद करता हूँ।

Technology never ceases to amaze me.

Friday, September 05, 2008

life, apple and universe...

i always wonder if there can be technological products that create a sense of excitement as one will use them. Make you feel as if the product is meant to be experienced in a certain way, so obvious and yet no one could think of it before.

for me, it started with iMac and now i even bought the iPhone, with it i became a lifelong member of apple. A friend of mine does not like products from Apple exactly because of this aspect and how people become passionate users. Using iPhone i forget that its a phone. For me it really is a mini computing device which i carry and on which i can also make phone calls. To me thats the power of design to turn inane everyday people going about their day-to-day life into passionate end-users or consumers as some will say.

On a different note, work is getting along, motivation needs to be generated rather then felt. will see if i can develop iPhone applications, need to sort out company policy and conflict of interest thingy before jumping.

i have to really think about starting a new blog on my tech experiences. this one is not really read by anyone, just my personal diary or random thoughts, feelings and emotions. The other day i was checking out the company developer network and saw the whole community based interaction. I need to get involved in this process, cannot just sit on the fence for long. time to jump in, otherwise i will never write.

I feel sad for Rene Bhawanker, he is smart, modern and a progressive indian. If i dont put down his story, i never will. Rene needs to get alive, otherwise I will just let him die, need to make notes i am forgetting things about him now.

what one wants is not known,
what one gets is so much so,
take it forward and take it far,
make it wonder and yet not roar.
what that it is never to be found,
truth is that life has to go on.
nudge and push is what i need,
serious, yet funny i have to be,
breathe, listen and feel,
jump into the water and let it be.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

touched by apple

got our iMac today!

well i must say, it was a smooth setup (read as connect power cable and press the ON button) and it just worked!!! After having read about Apple and Mac for so long, finally i get to experience it.

I have been born to software in Windows, thats how i learnt it. Of course in my B.Tech it was all UNIX but finally when i started working at SAP its always been Windows. So after 9 years of officially working on windows, i decided to buy a home computer. Of course it had to be Apple and IT HAD TO BE iMAC.

So after waiting for 3 weeks for delivery, it arrived on 23rd May Friday morning. Infact i took my day off, just to get warmed up around it.

I also got printer from canon and backup hard-drive/wireless router Time Capsule. Setting all of them except the printer was smooth and great!

gotta go now...will share my first experiences later.

But something really stuck me as odd.